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Replacement batteries for all Best Power UPS Models.


Compatible Replacement Batteries Supplied pre wired where shownSafe disposal in accordance with WEE regulations- see below.

All VPS replacement UPS battery kits are assembled using high quality sealed lead/acid batteries manufactured by CSB or Yuasa which are fitted by UPS manufacturers in both new equipment and also replacement battery cartridges.

Design life 3-5 years

Next day delivery on all orders before 3.00 p.m.

We only list the most popular models. If your model code is not listed here or unsure which VPS you need please contact sales for pricing and availabilty.

The prices shown exclude VAT and delivery.  

Our delivery cost options start from £3.99 for a 2/3 day service or £5.99 for next working day.

Safe disposal of your old batteries can be purchased here, the cost is £9.00 and the price is per VPS code or single box weighing no more than 30Kg. Simply use the carton your new batteries have arrived in and call us when your batteries are ready for collection quoting your receipt number. Parcelforce will bring all necessary labels.

1 year warranty



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Patriot SMT 280 Fortress II LI 720 Ferrups 3.1KVA
Patriot SMT 420 Fortress II LI 1020 Ferrups 3.1KVA*
Patriot SMT 750 / Sola 750 Fortress II LI 1420 Ferrups 4.3KVA
Patriot SMT 1000 / Sola 1000 Fortress III 750E Ferrups 4.3KVA*
Patriot SPI 250 Fortress III 1050E Ferrups 5.3KVA
Patriot SPI 400 Fortress III 1425E Ferrups 5.3KVA Ext.
Patriot SPI 450 Fortress III 2250E Ferrups 7KVA
Patriot SPI 600 Fortress III 750RE (RM) Ferrups 7KVA Ext.
Patriot SPS 250 Fortress III 1050RE (RM) Ferrups 10KVA
Patriot SPS 300 Fortress III 1425RE (RM) Ferrups 10KVA Ext.
Patriot SPS 450 Fortress III 2250RE (RM) Ferrups 12.5KVA
Patriot SPS 650 Ferrups ME 500 Ferrups 12.5KVA Ext.
Patriot SPS 850 Ferrups ME 700 Ferrups 18KVA
Patriot II 250 Ferrups ME 850 Ferrups 18KVA Ext.
Patriot II 425 Ferrups ME 1.15KVA Best 510 600 VA
Patriot II 600 Ferrups ME 1.4KVA Best 510 900/1250 VA
Patriot Pro 400 Ferrups ME 1.8KVA Best 510 1650/2000 VA
Patriot Pro 750 Ferrups ME 2.1KVA B610-700
Patriot Pro 1000 Ferrups ME 3.1KVA B610-1000
Patriot Pro II 400 Ferrups FD 4.3KVA B610-1500
Patriot Pro II 750 Ferrups FD 5.3KVA B610-2000
Patriot Pro II 1000 Ferrups FD 7KVA  B610-3000
Fortress I LI 360 Ferrups FD 10KVA B610-5000
Fortress I LI 660 Ferrups FD 12.5KVA B610-6000
Fortress I LI 950 Ferrups FD 18KVA B610 BAT1000
Fortress I LI 1020 Ferrups 500VA* B610 BAT1500
Fortress I LI 1420 Ferrups 700VA B610 BAT2000/3000
Fortress I LI 1.3K Ferrups 700VA* B610 BAT5000/6000
Fortress I LI 1.7K Ferrups 850VA Unity 3KVA (bis S/N:20000)
Fortress I LI 2.0K Ferrups 850VA* Unity 3KVA (ab S/N:20000)
Fortress I LI 3.0K Ferrups 1.15KVA Unity 4KVA
Fortress I LI 3.0K Ext. Ferrups 1.15KVA* Unity 5KVA
Fortress I LI 5.0K Ferrups 1.4KVA Unity 8KVA
Fortress I LI 5.0K Ext. Ferrups 1.4KVA*  
Fortress I LI 720 RM Ferrups 1.8KVA  
Fortress I LI 1020 RM Ferrups 1.8KVA*  
Fortress I LI 1420 RM Ferrups 2.1KVA
Fortress II LI 520 Ferrups 2.1KVA*

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  • Width70
  • Depth90
  • Height101
  • Run TimeN/A
£25.02 £20.85
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  • Width65
  • Depth151
  • Height97.5
  • Run TimeN/A
£128.04 £106.70
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  • Width65
  • Depth151
  • Height94.5
  • Run TimeN/A
£95.04 £79.20
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  • Width65
  • Depth151
  • Height97.5
  • Run TimeN/A
£203.28 £169.40
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  • Width
  • Depth0
  • Height
  • Run TimeN/A
£138.14 £115.12
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