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About Riello UPS

Riello UPS (RPS S.p.A) are a major European electronics and electrical equipment manufacturer and part of the Riello Elettronica group of companies.

Riello UPS supply us a range of UPS products and standby power systems that offer a high level of resilience and are backed-up by quality management systems within the power protection industry.

The Riello UPS product range includes uninterruptible power supplies and standby power solutions from 350VA to 6MVA.

For home office solutions and  retail solutions Riello have interesting couple of solutions firstly the Iplug which is a wall mountable and for larger power needs the Idialog range. For Network servers, cctv systems further line interactive ups ranges are available to provide even higher levels of power protection. These include the Net Dialog and the very popular Dialog Vision and dual format version Dialog Vision Dual . Being a dual form factor model it is ideal for rack mount applications.

For the most  mission critical applications Riello produce a range of On line double conversion uninterruptible power supples. A double conversion ups provides the highest standard of power protection beacuse the power comes in as AC gets rectified to DC and the regenerated by to a clean pure sinewave output. The major benefits of doing this are that irespective of what is happening on the input your always on a smoth clean output. This makes it perfect for use with generators.



For single phase output applications:

Sentinel Pro 0(0-3KVA) is a small tower range with optional larger chargers for longer runtimes. Sentinel Dual low power (1-3KVA) and High Power (3.3-10KVA) which can be can be rack mounted. There is also a traditional standalone tower model in the Sentinel (5-10KVA). The Sentinel Power range can easily condigured for three phase input / single output. Higher single phase power is available from the Multi Sentry range which can provide single phase up to 20KVA not normally provide by other manufacturers.

For three phase output applications:

The Multi Sentry is available in models up to 120KVA, the Master MPS is avalaible from 10 to 800KVA and both ranges can be paralled for even the power hungry applications such as hospitals and datacenters.

A range of custom industrial units are also available here

VPSL have installed all these products into applications throughout the uk, the lastest datacenter site we installed 4 x 400KVA ups units in Manchester and are currently being reconfigured for parallel operation as the power demands grow.

Size of Unit

New Warranty Terms

Below 3kVA

2 Year Warranty which includes internal batteries. There is also an option to upgrade to 3 or 5 year warranty, also including internal batteries.


2 Year Warranty with 1 year on internal batteries. There is an option to upgrade to 3 or 5 year warranty (UPS only).



3 Year Warranty if maintained by Value Power Systems. In years 1 & 2 this includes parts & labour, with parts only in the 3rd year.

Labour will be charged at standard rate in the 3rd year.

If not maintained by Riello UPS Ltd, cover reverts to 2 Year Warranty



1 Year parts & labour warranty only

Batteries (6kVA -800kVA)


1 Year Warranty on 5 YDL

2 Year Warranty on 10 YDL



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