Eaton 91PS and 93PS UPS

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Eaton 91PS and 93PS UPS

Eaton 91PS and 93PS UPSs provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership and maximum availability in their power range. Whatever your mission-critical application, Eaton 91PS and 93PS UPSs offer the power performance, scalability, resiliency and efficiency you need for cost-efficient business continuity.

Eaton 91PS 1:1 8-10kW, Eaton 91PS 3:1 8-30kW, Eaton 93PS 3:3 8-40kW

Eaton 91PS and 93PS UPS – Features

Lower TCO Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Eaton 91PS and 93PS UPSs cost you less to own because they are more efficient, thanks to a number of leading technologies. Eaton’s Energy Saver System (ESS), for example, improves Eaton 91PS and 93PS efficiency levels to 99% and will save you over 10 000 € during 5 years in operating expenses.

Maximum Availability

Whatever the changing conditions – and however quickly they change – the Eaton 91PS and 93PS UPSs are designed to maintain a steady, uninterrupted and clean power supply. This market-leading resiliency is the result of advanced technologies built-in to the Eaton 91PS and 93PS:

Hot Swap and Hot Scalable

  • A module can be replaced while the other continues protecting the load (concurrent maintenance).
  • A module can be added while the other continues protecting the load (hot scalable)
  • Individual battery strings can be serviced while other strings are supporting the load

Patented Hot Sync technology allows load sharing without the need for communication between inverters – eliminating a single point of failure.

Advanced Battery Management to extend the lifetime of the batteries


The rapid adoption of the cloud, constant evolution of IT technologies, increased focus on environmental footprint and sophistication of mission-critical applications are demanding even more efficient, resilient, scalable and safe power protection solutions. Eaton 91PS and 93PS UPSs are uniquely intelligent UPSs, which are both virtualization- and cloud-ready.

  • Eaton 91PS or 93PS UPS and Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager software suite takes the resiliency of the system to the next level by bridging the electrical and IT infrastructure.
  • IT and electrical infrastructure management from a “Single pane of glass”.
  • Load shedding – 50% drop in load equates to 250% runtime!

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