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15-120kVA Multi Guard Modular UPS

15-120kVA Multi Guard Modular UPS

15-120kVA Multi Guard Modular UPS

The Multi Guard modular UPS is a scalable, three/ three phase with double-conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply. Its power capacity ranges from 15kVA to 120kVA,
delivering the best combination of reliability, functionality and hot-swap flexibility.

The Multi Guard‘s N+X parallel configuration adopts an intelligent drawer-style design; providing maximum
availability, redundancy and protection for mission critical loads across a variety of applications, including Networks and Data Centres.

The capacity of each individual module is 15kVA, and a standard cabinet can be fitted with up to 8 modules to reach 120kVA. If the load is within limits, the individual modules can be hot-swapped; enabling continuous, uninterrupted power.

Advanced Modular Design

The Multi Guard 15-120 system contains UPS modules, LCD Display module, PDU and other accessories. Each UPS module is a fully functionable 15kVA UPS. Using load sharing technology, should any of the UPS modules fail, the load will be taken over by the rest of the modules without interruption. The real time operation and power availability is therefore increased.

Through the advanced wireless parallel control technology and smart communication modulation, the UPS modules and LCD display module can be replaced easily at any time without affecting the operation of the UPS. The user-friendly ‘plug and play’ modular design makes it easy to expand, service and maintain the UPS.


  • Power flexibility 15-120 KVA
  • UPS module with hot-swap function
  • Modular power and runtime
  • Intelligent battery charging system
  • High MTBF and low MTTR

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