What does SSL mean to me, the average Internet user?

In a nutshell, SSL allows a secure connection between your web browser and the vps-ups.co.uk web server. Many people seem to be hesitant to shop online because they believe it to be less safe. However, the protection offered by SSL means that your credit card number will be seen by far fewer people than if you use it at a physical store or restaurant. When you make a purchase at a physical store, there is a trail of paper left behind, containing your number in its entirety. Once your order is electronically received by vps-ups.co.uk all of your credit card information remains encrypted until the order is processed off-line. This means more security and makes it almost impossible for a hacker to get your personal information. By processing all orders off the internet vps-ups.co.uk offers one of the most secure order processing services available! Once the order is initially processed the information is once again re-encrypted preventing all unauthorized users from EVER viewing your information!

SSL Defined: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol designed to enable secure communications on an insecure network such as the Internet. SSL provides encryption and integrity of communications along with strong authentication using digital certificates.